Richard Fox

Hello, My Name is Richard Fox!

Highly motivated multi-exit entrepreneur, innovator and multi-unicorn investor.

I launched my first business at 14 years old - a comic book store - which expanded to three major locations. Since that first foray into the business world as a teenager, I have launched numerous successful businesses covering a range of different industries including health care, IT, retail, and many other service-related industries. I have enjoyed multiple highly successful exits, with many of the businesses I helped to create remaining operational and prosperous decades later.

My passions are learning, innovation, investing into new, marketable products and services, and helping startups scale and grow using proven strategies such as blitzscaling and growth hacking. I always aim to work towards finding and investing in ideas which can help to improve the fast-paced world we live in today. I also thoroughly enjoy learning new skills through reading books from other successful entrepreneurs and ideologists which assist me in continuously improving my abilities to invest into the right founders that can successfully create, scale and monetize various products and services.

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