Reading is a major passion and inspiration for me. Some of the books that have helped me achieve my success include:


Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman

A truly inspiring read, Blitzscaling explores the strategy of focusing on speed rather than efficiency when facing uncertainty. The book looks at three main techniques to achieve this approach. Firstly, the designing of an innovative business model before starting a company. Secondly, the implementation of a new, innovative strategy that supports aggressive spending. Thirdly, using an innovative approach to management. The concept of Blitzscaling has been used by multiple start-ups in Silicon Valley and been applied to numerous industries and regions worldwide.


Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis

Hacking Growth demonstrates a four-level strategy for growing a business and achieving breakout results using a culture of constant experimentation. A perfect book for product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, the process looks at acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization. These processes are summarized in five steps. Firstly, building teams with diverse talent and skills. Secondly, determining the value of your product and why people must have it. Thirdly, identifying the growth potential and level of your business. Fourthly, learning and adapting the four-stage process of growth hacking. Lastly, executing growth hacking using specific tactics.


Contagious by Jonah Berger

Contagious explores the reasons why some ideas catch on and grow quickly while others never take off. People commonly associate product success with quality, pricing, and advertising. However, Contagious investigates the importance of word-of-mouth for producing viral content and products. Featuring case studies and real-world examples, the book outlines six steps for creating viral content, namely social currency, triggers, emotion, public availability, practical value, and stories.


Hooked by Nir Eyal

Hooked offers an insight into why people keep returning to a brand over an extended period. A great read for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners, Hooked offers a complete approach for generating continued and unprompted engagement. The author explores how to create habit-forming products, which triggers initiate an action, how to encourage user participation with reward anticipation, and other psychological methods that can keep people coming back for more time and again.


What to Do When it’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

A unique book, What to Do When it’s Your Turn is a visual masterpiece. Printed in a format including photos, blocks, circular colors, collages, and various sizes and styles of fonts, it appears like a magazine at first glance. However, upon delving into the content, this book offers an engaging exploration into working with fear and tension. The thought-provoking insights helps the reader find ways to liberate themselves from fear and become “free”.


Good to Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great investigates how ordinary companies can take the giant leap to outperforming their competitors and achieving great things. The book analyzes 28 companies over a period of 30 years. Some of the companies explored in the book achieved greatness while others allowed bad habits to become their downfall. A must read for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers.


Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

Traction delves into what makes companies successful, attributing success to a combination of some or all of 19 “traction channels”. The book features interviews with 40 successful start-up companies to try and identify the factors that made them a success in the first place. Once the “traction channels” are identified, the author explores how one can use this knowledge to create a successful business with method such as splitting your time evenly between developing your product and testing different traction channels.


Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss

A truly epic read, Tools of Titans explores the habits and beliefs of some of the most high-performing people across a range of disciplines. The book draws conclusions based on the patterns of athletes, entrepreneurs, investors, and entertainers. Throughout the 707 pages, there are countless gems and supreme ideas to help you focus and achieve your long-term goals.


Super Human by Dave Asprey

A revolutionary read, Super Human is all about longevity and even a key to stop ageing. The book is thorough in its approach, exploring everything from ancient beliefs to modern serums and injections. However, the true key to this book is the advice on exercise, diet, and using the right supplements to fight fatigue and the signs of ageing. The book is a must read for anyone who wants gain inspiration to improve their health and lifestyle.


Breath by James Nestor

Exploring a new science, Breath is a guide for how important breathing is to our bodies and which techniques can help us breathe properly. The art of breathing correctly was practiced by our ancestors as a part of their daily lifestyle and this has been lost in modern society. The book explores the deterioration of breathing over the centuries and the effects of this such as snoring. The insights into how our bodies transform when breathing correctly is truly astonishing and will change the way you breathe forever.