Richard Fox

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The Entrepreneurial Mind of Richard Fox

As a multi-exit entrepreneur and private/public equity investor, I have a wealth of experience in the business world and a passion for innovation and growth.

My entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, and I launched my first retail business at just 14 years old. This comic book store quickly expanded to three locations, earning me recognition as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in America and garnering media attention from major tv networks and the front page of the Daily News. Since then, I have successfully launched, invested in, and exited numerous businesses across a variety of industries. In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I am deeply passionate about investing, personal development, and continuous learning. I am always seeking out new skills and techniques through reading and hands-on experience, which allows me to identify and pursue a range of promising investment opportunities.

Innovative Tech Investments

As a founder of Investio, I use the skills and knowledge I have gained as an entrepreneur to help me make informed investment decisions.

Our portfolio spans a range of tech-related companies, including some of the leading technologies and platforms in their respective industries, such as Turo, Cloudflare, Palantir, Instacart, Udemy, Upwork, and Roblox.

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My Passions

I am passionate about self-improvement, knowledge-seeking, and biohacking to slow down aging. In my free time, you can find me exercising, eating mindfully, or learning something new. These passions drive me to be the best version of myself and help me make a positive impact on the world around me.

My Passions

Working On

"Endless evolution through learning and innovation."

2014 - Now

Start-up, late stage and public investments in companies we believe are poised to be the next leaders in innovation. Some of the companies we have invested into include Doordash, Palantir, Udemy, Betterment, Turo, Ginkgo Bioworks, Ripple and Flexport.

2011 - Now

Growth and innovation at Tech Square, a communications technology company that built, operates and licenses a scalable video chat solution that launched with zero users and now has over 40 million members and has made over 10 billion connections since launching in 2011.

2015 - Now

Responsible for brand development, pr and outreach. Articles about Baghunter were published by major media outlets including Vogue, Time, Business Insider, Observer, Newsweek, USA Today, Glamour, Bazaar, Elle, Daily Mail, Huffington Post and hundreds more.

Milestones Achieved

Milestones are there to be passed, re-established, and then passed again.

458 Media Coverage
67 Records Broken
20 Active Brands
4 Successful Exits