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Hello, My Name is Richard Fox!

Hello, my name is Richard Fox, I am a serial entrepreneur and private/public equity investor.

I discovered my passion for entrepreneurialism very early, around the age of 6 and launched my first retail business at 14 years old. That first business – a comic book store – expanded to three locations and I was featured on major network news as well as the front page of the Daily News as “one of the youngest entrepreneurs in America”. Since then I have launched, invested, and exited numerous highly-successful businesses in a range of industries.

My main passions are innovation, investing, personal growth, and knowledge. I regularly learn new skills and discover unique, applicable techniques through reading books and learning by doing. By improving and growing myself, I can repeatedly discover successful investment opportunities across a broad range of tech-related ideas and platforms.


I have invested in a broad range of public and private equity companies both personally and through the company I co-founded with my wife, Investio.

My investments cover a broad variety of tech-related ideas and innovations and include some of the leading technologies and platforms in their niche such as Udemy, Doordash, Turo, Cloudflare, Fiverr, Upwork, and Twitter.

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My Passions

My primary passion is consistent self-improvement which I achieve through absorbing knowledge from others and taking care of my health. While you will likely find me at my computer scanning for the next world-changing idea to invest and grow, I also make time every day to read, eat consciously, and practise meditation.

My Passions

My Strengths

Learning more about myself every day is one of my greatest strengths.

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Business Experience

I never stop learning, evolving and innovating.

I started my first business as a teenager, launching a comic book store which quickly grew to three major locations in the greater Los Angeles area. Since then, I co-founded multiple companies including ARF Development, Bidfly, Monarch Holding Group, Baghunter, Globtech, and Investio. Today, my primary focus is discovering and investing in world-class innovations and ideas.

Business Experience

Work Process

My flexibility when approaching projects ensures consistently supreme results.

Having worked on numerous projects with brands, startups, and businesses, I have learned how to adapt my approach and work process depending on the task at hand. That being said, I try to maintain a basic structure to follow which allows me to identify problems, create strategies, and deploy solutions. This work process includes:

1. Understanding Total Available Market (TAM)
2. Identifying opportunities
3. Creating strategies
4. Implementing solutions
5. Analyzing results
6. Identifying further opportunities

This process has helped me to build and grow a wide range of highly successful businesses. Throughout my work process, I aim to identify opportunities for unique and innovative solutions which help brands stand out from the ever-increasingly crowded marketplace.